MythBusters Series 11

Genre: Science & Engineering

Duration: 14 x 60’

Year of Production: 2017

Production Company: Beyond Productions

Commissioned By: Discovery Science Channel USA

Definition: HD

The new hosts get busy busting more amazing myths and popular legends

This Emmy® nominated series is back with new hosts and all new myths to bust. After successfully proving their skills and coming out on top of the competition series MythBusters: The Search, New York fabricator and product designer Jon Lung and Brian Louden, biologist, self-taught builder and jack-of-all-trades from Texas, are the new hosts of MythBusters. As well as being loyal fans of the show, Brian and Jon get to live out their dreams of combining passionate curiosity, scientific ingenuity and explosive experimentation to confirm or bust popular myths and urban legends in the only way true MythBusters can. Alongside the usual array of urban myths and conundrums posed by fans, classic movie scenes have inspired several stories in this new series. Can a Samurai sword really decapitate a villain leaving their body momentarily standing? What’s the best way to win an old-fashioned Western-style gunfight? Would invisible secret assassination devices as used by the likes of Bourne and Bond really work? Our new MythBusters heroes relish putting these movie tricks to the ultimate test.

Nominated (2019): Science & Technology, Realscreen Summit Awards