Genre: Pre-school

Duration: 66 x 15’ + 1 x 45’

Year of Production: 2007 – 2009

Production Company: Open Mind Productions

Commissioned By: CBeebies UK

Definition: HD

Numberjacks is the highly successful and award-winning animation series featuring ten small superhero numbers living inside an ordinary sofa who, with the help of children, fly out to solve problems in the real world. The series helps children develop their early maths skills whilst providing slapstick comedy and numerous superhero thrills. Numberjacks is all about excitement, fun and learning, problem solving and maths. Numberjacks consistently rated No. 1 on CBeebies and has appeared in many countries around the world in multiple languages. The show has made a huge impact on the web, both on the CBeebies site and the dedicated site at:

Series 1: 45 x 15’ 2007, Series 2: 20 x 15’ 2009, Specials: 1 x 45’ + 1 x 15’ 2009

Nominated (2008): BVA Award, Best marketing Initiative, Children's BVA DVD Awards

Winner (2007): 0-5 years, RTS Educational Television Awards

Nominated (2007): Children's Programs: Nine Lives  Episode, Banff World Television Awards