Genre: Live Action, Pre-school

Duration: 135 x 30’

Year of Production: 2013 – 2014

Production Company: Beyond Screen Production

Commissioned By: Seven Network Australia

Definition: HD

The Pipsqueaks are four funny and furry creatures who live in a huge adventure playground. They are a bit silly and a little naive, yet they love discovering new things and learning interesting facts. The playground is a maze of tunnels, ladders and slippery dips, with a dance area in the middle, where the Pipsqueaks love to sing and dance; the catchy songs involve simple choreography for kids to follow. The Pipsqueaks have fun discovering new things with the help of the kids who visit. The show focuses on pre-school children at play and how they talk and think about the world around them. It’s fun and informative, thoughtful and entertaining.

Series 1: 45 x 30’ 2013, Series 2: 90 x 30’ 2014