Portillo's Great Estates

Genre: Documentaries, History

Duration: 1x90

Year of Production: 2018

Production Company: Transparent TV

Broadcaster: Channel 5

Definition: HD

In this feature length special, Michael Portillo explores the history of the Great British Housing Estate. From Lloyd George's promise of "homes fit for heroes" to Margaret Thatcher's dream of a property-owning democracy, social housing has been at the centre of British politics for more than a century.

Michael will explore over one hundred years of history by meeting with council tenants and residents who live on some of Britain’s most iconic and historically significant estates. Moving across the country from sprawling, turn of the century estates to post-war high-rise tower blocks, Michael will chart the changes in population, legislation and social attitudes that have seen a once-utopian ideal transformed into a byword for inequality and urban decay.

Series 1: 1x90 | HD | 2018