Quimbo's Quest

Genre: 6+ Years, Animation

Duration: 26 x 30' or 52 x 12'

Year of Production: 2019

Production Company: Screentime New Zealand

Commissioned By: Network Ten Australia

Definition: HD

Aimed at children aged 6-8, Quimbo’s Quest is an animated series that follows Quimbo, a kid who doesn’t look like any other human or animal that’s ever been seen before. He wants to know who and what he is. So he embarks on a quest!

He’s a fearless adventurer, and with the help of his good friends, Sammy the Spider and Jazz Apple, he explores the planet in a series of hilarious escapades.

In each episode Quimbo goes on an adventure across the world and meets different species of creature with which he shares some physical similarity, and discovers something cool about himself. Whether it’s his super camouflage chameleon arms, or his excellent climbing monkey legs – all his body parts come in handy as he helps his new friends to outsmart their predators, and avoid falling victim to his arch nemesis...Nefarious Nab and his sidekick, Tobias.

By the end of Quimbo’s Quest, he realises that it’s ok to be a bit different and unique, as there is always something he can find in common with the animals he meets on his epic journey.