Race for the Future

Genre: Travel & Adventure

Duration: 3x60'/ 1x90'

Year of Production: 2021

Production Company: Dash Pictures

Definition: HD

A thrilling climate change adventure that doesn’t impact the planet

Adventurer James Levelle plans to travel the world to raise awareness about climate change – but without becoming part of the problem. Inspired by the next generation’s efforts to make their voices heard, James sets off from the UK on a 9000-mile race against the clock to document youth climate messages and deliver them in a film to the United Nations climate conference in Chile. His challenge is to get there by any means possible… fossil fuel free.

The dramatic series follows him racing through Europe to catch a tall ship heading across the Atlantic to South America. But before he can set off to cross the continent and the Andes Mountains, he receives devastating news. The Santiago climate conference has been moved to Madrid. James now faces a seemingly impossible task… can he still find a way to document youth climate messages in South America and deliver the film to the UN in time?