Rich Kids Go Skint

Genre: Reality, Spring 22, Formats

Duration: 4 Series 37x60

Year of Production: 2017 - 2020

Production Company: Kalel Productions

Commissioned By: Channel 5, UK

Definition: HD

Experiencing how the other half live


Rich Kids Go Skint is an eye-opening series that takes extremely wealthy kids away from their chauffeured, catered, pampered lifestyles to spend time with struggling British working-class families. To grasp the true reality of living hand-to-mouth, the Rich Kids experience daily life on the breadline, at home, at work and with the kids. From travelling for the very first time on public transport, to looking after children unaccompanied by an adult, the cameras follow as the Rich Kids roll up their sleeves and get involved.


Across two new series, as they swap designer handbags and brand new cars to experience the daily life of food banks and benefits, will the Rich Kids come to appreciate the sacrifices Brits make in order to provide for their families, and understand that hard work doesn’t always make you millions? And will having a Rich Kid to stay change the families’ opinions of the wealth gap?   

Series 4: 5 x 60’

Series 3: 10 x 60’

Series 2: 16 x 60’

Series 1: 6 x 60’