Rod & Rucksack

Genre: Travel & Adventure

Duration: 5 x 60’

Year of Production: 2012

Production Company: Cinesite and Gass Productions

Definition: HD

Rod & Rucksack is a fishing and adventure series that charts the journey of seasoned fisherman Guy Elson; an angler with a penchant for adventure and extreme fishing challenges. This trip takes him all over the world from Canada to Australia with Bolivia, Mongolia and Panama in-between, to some of the most remote yet stunningly beautiful places on the planet. Living with local people who act as his guides, Guy pits his fishing wits against many of the fiercest fighting fish imaginable. Keen to experience the local customs and traditions, Guy takes us on a journey of discovery as he seeks out his target species. We see nature wild and untamed with an abundance of magnificent wildlife that is rarely seen by man.