Rodeo – Life on the Circuit

Genre: Reality

Duration: 8 x 60’

Year of Production: 2011

Production Company: Birds Of A Feather Media Inc

Commissioned By: History Television Canada

Definition: HD

1 million dollars, 14 competitors, 60 rodeos and not everyone will survive. Rodeo takes viewers into the world of what ranks as one of the most dangerous sports in North America. Shrouded in the mystique of the ‘Old West’, a cast of professional cowboys and cowgirls takes us on their own rodeo journey filled with colourful images of ritualistic lore and impassioned bravado unparalleled in modern spectator sports. With unprecedented access to the inner sanctum of the professional rodeo circuit, Rodeo explores the personalities, the relationships, the danger, the rivalry and the inevitable stress of life on the road and showcases the courage, strength, athletic skill, character and perseverance of these competitors. As sixteen-time world champion rodeo cowboy Jim Shoulders says, “It’s not whether you’re gonna get hurt, it’s when and how bad. It’s why the Romans went to see the lions eat the Christians.” Put on a cowboy hat, jeans and boots and take your chances. Whether win or lose, everything you’ve worked for and dreamed about comes down to a matter of seconds. Each one, its own heartpounding eternity. Failure means broken bones, shattered dreams and no cash in the bank.

Winner (2011): Best Documentary Series, Alberta Motion Picture Industry Awards
Nominated (2011): Best Documentary Series, Gemini Awards