Savage Australia

Genre: Travel & Adventure, Animals, Pets & Vets

Duration: 12x60'

Year of Production: 2018

Production Company: Nine Network Australia

Broadcaster: Channel 9

Definition: HD

Deadly destinations down under

Australia: renowned as a land of dreams and opportunity. A destination famous for its warm welcome, wide-open spaces, stunning scenery, and unique natural wonders. But scratch the surface and a dark side of Australia reveals itself: unforgiving, harsh, and deadly.

This series travels across the continent - from deep in the rugged bush to the sparkling blue beaches and from cosmopolitan cities to the mystical outback to examine the flip side of being a tourist down under. We’ll investigate everything from wildfires and raging seas to animal attacks and deadly tourist pursuits. Don’t be fooled. It’s dangerous out there… welcome to Savage Australia.

Series 1: 12x60 | HD | 2018