Saved and Remade

Genre: Home & Garden, Formats

Duration: 15 x 60'

Year of Production: 2021

Production Company: Red Sky Productions

Commissioned By: BBC Two

Definition: HD

Re-making a few of their favourite things

In this joyous and heart-warming new series, a team of highly skilled crafters join together to help solve contributors conundrums of what to do with treasured but purposeless items.

In each episode, three contributors arrive at the Saved & Remade workshop with a much- loved but neglected treasure. One re-maker pitches a new design that will transform the contributor’s possession into something they could never have imagined. When the contributor returns to the workshop, their remade item is revealed.

With expertise in carpentry, upholstery, metalwork, leather-making, jewellery, mechanics, textile design and sculpture, the talented re-makers can transform absolutely anything. Whether it’s a reminder of childhood fun or family history, a place or an event, they find a way to bring the piece back to life again for their appreciative and sometimes quite emotional owners!