Sex Unlimited

Genre: Reality, Autumn 22

Duration: 8 x 60'

Year of Production: 2020-2022

Production Company: Barcroft Studios

Commissioned By: Channel 5, UK

Definition: HD

What people really get up to behind closed doors

How much do you know about the sex lives of your neighbours, your colleagues or even your own family? This revealing, insightful and unique series of films delve into the unconventional side of sex and looks at how it enhances people’s lives, increases their wealth, and complements their relationships.

From BDSM, submissive and dominant relationships to amateur porn stars and those who enjoy threesomes, the episodes reveal the not-so-hidden desires of a wide range of people from all over the world. The series also examines the rise of online porn sites like OnlyFans, which are revolutionising the porn industry, and investigates the increased global demand for bespoke plastic sex dolls.

Series 2: 3 x 60'

Series 1: 5 x 60’