Taste the Diversity

Genre: Food & Drink, Spring 22

Duration: 10x30'

Year of Production: 2022

Production Company: ECG Productions

Commissioned By: Ethnic Channels Group, Canada

Definition: HD

Delicious dishes and fascinating facts from around the world

This mouth-watering new series takes viewers on a culinary and historical expedition across continents and through countries – all from the comfort of their couch. Every episode explores history, culture, and fascinating personal stories through the prism of tasty national dishes and wonderful recipes. On the Taste the Diversity journey you will be able to experience the best Portuguese, Persian, Japanese, Ukrainian, Filipino, Caribbean, Egyptian, Canadian and First Nations cuisines and learn some surprising facts about their culinary traditions.

Get ready to discover why pyramid builders were paid in coriander beer instead of money, why unmarried Ukrainian girls ate dumplings with hot pepper and how the most popular dessert in the world was born in Portuguese monasteries. There’s even a special episode dedicated to garlic - and the incredible secrets this pungent vegetable has kept for thousands of years.