Tati's Hotel

Genre: Live Action, Scripted

Duration: 26 x 15’

Year of Production: 2011

Production Company: Machine Productions and Screen Door

Commissioned By: CITV UK

Definition: HD

Tati is eight years old and runs a magical hotel. The number one rule at Tati’s hotel is to have fun! Everyone is welcome to stay and guests spill in from every corner of the universe. The hotel’s magic transforms each guest’s room into their own bespoke environment. The cowgirl receives a ranch, a pirate gets a ship’s deck and a gardener is welcomed by a beautiful, wild landscape. Nobody fails to be impressed by their tailor-made guest room. Alongside to share Tati’s excitement are the staff at the hotel – Linny, Bopper, Dizzee and Mr Snapweazle. Finally, the loyal team is supported by the inherent magic of the hotel itself with Alexander the old-fashioned talking telephone, timekeeping Cuckoo the Clock and grumpy Otis the Lift. With the emphasis on entertaining children aged four to seven years, Tati’s stories also encapsulate a number of learning objectives.

Nominated (2012): Best Non-Animated or Mixed Series, Kidscreen Awards