The Style Counsellors

Genre: Reality, Autumn 22

Duration: 18 x 30'

Year of Production: 2020-2022

Production Company: IndiePics

Commissioned By: RTÉ, Ireland

Definition: HD

Helping hands provide much-needed fashion fixes

Suzanne Jackson is a social media sensation – a hugely successful fashion and beauty blogger who knows her way around a wardrobe. In this fabulous series - packed with fashion tips and helpful style hints – she’s joined by different style counsellors who offer lots of hot takes on the latest fashion trends. And, in each episode, Suzanne will also be meeting and making over an amazing woman (or man) who needs to add a bit of wow to their wardrobe. They might be recovering from illness, starting work after a career break or have even lost a lot of weight. Now it’s their turn to shine.

Suzanne believes the power of style can make people feel good about themselves. She has firm ideas about what should be in a wardrobe and wastes no time in decluttering to make its contents work better for its owners. Having consigned items from wardrobes to charity shops, it’s off to the Pop-Up Shop, where outfits are selected to help guide them back on the path to true fashion enlightenment. The participant has the exciting choice of picking one of the outfits to wear for a jaw-dropping and emotional reveal with family and friends.

Series 4: Coming Soon

Series 3: 6 x 30’

Series 2: 6 x 30’

Series 1: 6 x 30’