The World According to Grandpa

Genre: Animation

Duration: 25 x 11'

Year of Production: 2020

Production Company: Saffron Cherry Productions

Commissioned By: Channel 5 Milkshake! and S4C

Definition: HD

Grandpa takes his grandchildren on fantastic journeys through colourful new worlds

This vibrant blend of live-action and animation, aimed at children aged three-seven, is built around the tall tales and silly nonsense of Grandpa who, in each episode, whisks one of his four grandchildren away on his sofa into colourful new worlds, answering their questions with outlandish, humorous answers.

Along the way, the children encounter outer-space bumblebees, jam-making cats, rhubarb-loving monsters, naughty wizards and fire-breathing hamsters! Thankfully, next to Grandpa on the sofa sits Halifax; a (puppet) rabbit the children can trust.

After Grandpa’s silly story, Halifax sets the record straight with the real answer, delivered in entertaining and informative style. It’s the perfect marriage of giddy nonsense and educational content.