The Great Australian Cookbook

Genre: Food & Drink

Duration: 11x30

Year of Production: 2017

Production Company: CJZ

Broadcaster: Foxtel

Definition: HD

Based on the smash hit cookbook of the same name. Featuring Australia's best cooks & chefs, it's a blend of cooking, travel and personality. A lush celebration of food, family and love.

The big name chefs may be famous for their cutting-edge dishes in the nation's most exclusive restaurants...but what do they cook at home for their family? What's their go-to meal when friends come round for lunch? Why do they cook that dish? What does it mean to them? What does it tell us about them? What is so important about the meals we share with loved ones? These are the questions that lie at the heart of this series.

The show celebrates Australia's rich tapestry of food from grand old traditions to bold new flavors. From cooking the perfect lamb roast to a Vietnamese pork salad, Chinese ginger duck to fried sardines. It will cross the length and breadth of the land, a visually beautiful picture of Australia with images of landscapes, homes, people and kitchens just as important and rich as the food.

Series 1: 11x30 | HD | 2017