The Guild Garage

Genre: Auto, Autumn 22

Duration: 17 x 60' & 72 x 30'

Year of Production: 2013 - 2022

Production Company: Pixcom International Inc

Commissioned By: MotorTrend, US

Broadcaster: Discovery

Definition: HD

Diving under the hood for repairs and restorations

Dave Grainger’s Guild of Automotive Restorers is always overflowing with vehicles needing everything from small fixes to full restorations and rebuilds. Whether it’s a million-dollar 1948 Delahaye 135M Cabriolet shipped in from Spain or a 1930 Dodge Pickup dragged in from a farm, the Guild of Automotive Restorers is ready to resuscitate or restore. As David Grainger combs the globe for the next big project, it’s a rough road for the Guild as they restore, resto-mod and hotrod – turning rust into gold.

This new season gets more behind-the-scenes and personal with both its customers and mechanics than ever before. We follow car lovers from their collections at home to the work at the Guild, and dive deep under the hood for some incredible challenges.

Restoration Garage

Series 1: 9x60 / HD /  2013

Series 2: 8x60 / HD / 2014


The Guild Garage:

Series 1: 12x30 / HD / 2016

Series 2: 12x30 / HD / 2017

Series 3: 12x30 | HD | 2018

Series 4: 12x30 | HD | 2019

Series 5: 12x30 | HD | 2020/21

Series 6: 12 x 30’ | HD | 2022