The Secret Life of Lighthouses

Genre: History, Autumn 22

Duration: 3 series 9x60'

Year of Production: 2020-2022

Production Company: October Films

Commissioned By: Channel 5, UK

Definition: HD

Shining a light on some of history’s most incredible beacons

Presenter Rob Bell is our guide in this new three-part journey, which continues to discover the secrets of lighthouses, this time crossing the pond to Boston, as well as visiting two more lighthouses in the UK. Braving the awesome might of the Atlantic from both sides and then onto the South Coast of England, Rob looks behind closed doors to crack the code of these enigmatic structures. Along the way, he meets local fishermen and lighthouse keepers to hear stories of shipwrecks, disasters averted, local communities served, and lives saved.

Focusing on one iconic lighthouse in each episode, Rob takes a tour of the unique challenges that were to be overcome. Engineers, authors, and historians provide in-depth insight into the pioneering innovations, feats of endurance and ingenious techniques that propelled offshore lighthouses to the cutting edge of scientific and technological advances.

Series 3: 3 x 60’

Series 2: 3 x 60’

Series 1: 3 x 60’