Genre: Live Action, Pre-school

Duration: 290 x 30’

Year of Production: 2010 – 2013

Production Company: Beyond Screen Production

Commissioned By: Seven Network Australia

Definition: SD

Children love their favourite friends from the bedroom in Toybox, starring Tom the action toy, Patches the rag doll, Tina the sporty doll and Super Ned the robot. Each episode has an overall story, interspersed with songs, drawings, spelling and guessing games, as well as dance and movement sequences. Aimed at children aged two to five years, it is carefully designed with early childhood development experts. Join the fun as the toys come alive and the adventures begin!

Series 1: 75 x 30’ 2010, Series 2: 85 x 30’ 2011, Series 3: 85 x 30’ 2012, Series 4: 45 x 30’ 2013