Transforming Gender

Genre: Documentaries

Duration: 1 x 60’

Year of Production: 2015

Production Company: Mad Hive Media

Commissioned By: CBC Canada

Definition: HD

Transforming Gender explores what it’s like to be in conflict with the gender assigned to you. The battle over the rights and freedoms of transgender individuals is the first great civil rights struggle of the 21st century. In the last five years mainstream society has woken up to the vivid presence of transgender people in its midst. From a generation of gender variant children and pop culture celebrities, to transitioning superstar athletes and soldiers, trans people have never been more visible. Behind the headlines though, a darker picture emerges. Transgender people are among the most persecuted, least protected people in our society. More than one in three transgender people attempts suicide at some point in their lives. But increasingly they are fighting back against the discrimination and few doubt that the era of transgender enfranchisement is upon us.