Trump in Tweets

Genre: Documentaries

Duration: 1x60

Year of Production: 2020

Production Company: Wonderhood Studios

Broadcaster: BBC Three

Definition: HD

Trump in Tweets is a documentary which examines Donald Trump’s love affair with social media. Using his tweets, it will tell how the current President of America came of age on Twitter, from a technophobe to a serial tweeter, as well as documenting the impact of his social media across the world. 

Using first-hand testimony from people in his inner circle, interviews with experts and journalists, as well as hearing from his avid twitter followers, this documentary will tell the story of how Trump weaponised Twitter and used it as a political tool to shape his policies, conduct diplomacy and wage war on the establishment.

From his first innocuous tweet to the extraordinary exchanges with North Korea’s Leader and his continuing war on anyone who opposes him, the film will explore how his tweets provide an insight into his psyche, as well as maintaining his cult-like popularity amongst his followers.

Series 1: 1x60 | HD | 2020