The Twitch

Genre: Kids Live Action

Duration: 13 x 30’

Year of Production: 2009

Production Company: ProductionShed. TV

Commissioned By: Maori Television New Zealand

Definition: HD

The tiny island of Kaitangata is waking up again and only thirteen-year-old Meredith can stop it, before it claims another victim. The last time the island twitched was over fifty years ago and a girl disappeared without a trace, apparently swallowed up by the island. A thrilling, contemporary story for mainstream family audiences, with live action, drama, CGI, myth and magic, The Twitch is an amazing tale from the fertile imagination of internationally renowned author Margaret Mahy. Set in a small coastal village near Christchurch in New Zealand, this is a story of Meredith, her family and the incredible events that shake them – literally and metaphorically. 

Also available: The Making Of The Twitch (1 x 30’) and A Tall Long-Faced Tale (1 x 70’), a documentary about author Margaret Mahy.

Winner (2011): Best Dramatic Presentation, Sir Julius Vogel Award, New Zealand

Finalist (2011): Kidscreen Awards

Winner (2010): Platinum Remi Award, Houston WorldFest USA