Ultimate Rides

Genre: Auto, Reality, All

Duration: 2 series 40x30'

Year of Production: 2019-2021

Production Company: Barcroft Studios

Broadcaster: A&E USA

Definition: HD

Prepare to meet the fast and the curious, as each episode of Ultimate Rides features five incredible vehicles which are all linked by a theme. The series is driven by the passion and knowledge of the owners, designers and customisers for whom these rides are everything.

Revel in the horsepower, marvel at the inventive engineering, gasp at the stunts as we unearth lost classics, follow incredible customisations and watch world record attempts unfold. From burning rubber with muscle cars in Detroit, to tackling all terrains in the wilds of Canada, to a unique custom build in a shed in Australia, this series isn’t afraid to get its hands dirty and get under the hood as it tracks down the best and most unusual vehicles in the world and puts them through their paces. Whatever your dream drive, Ultimate Rides will get your motor running. Buckle up!

Series 1: 20x30 | HD | 2019

Series 2: 20x30 | HD | 2021