Vikings - The Lost Realm

Genre: History

Duration: 6x60

Year of Production: 2017

Production Company: Like A Shot Entertainment

Definition: HD

Welcome to a world of secret graves, mysterious death ships, newly-discovered skeletons, missing fortresses, and lost Long Ships. In this brand-new series, leading archaeologist Tim Sutherland travels to Scandinavia, Estonia, Britain and beyond to get new insights into the world of those they called the North Men - The Vikings.

What can analysis of unearthed Viking skeletons reveal? What is the truth about the infamous raids on places such as the Holy Island of Lindesfarne? What can we discover about the Viking way of life and death? What can we learn from recently discovered weapons, artefacts and long-buried Long Ships?

With the help of specially-filmed reconstructions and recreations and new graphic illustrations, Tim’s travels see him meet a host of experts and historians, who guide him through the latest findings and theories and explain just how the Viking world continues to give up its secrets.

Series 1: 6x60 | HD | 2017