When Day Trips Go Horribly Wrong

Genre: Travel & Adventure, Autumn 22

Duration: 1 x 60'

Year of Production: 2022

Production Company: Crackit Productions

Commissioned By: Channel 5, UK

Definition: HD

Terrifying short trips and disastrous days out

Day trips with friends and family can be the stuff of dreams – but when they go horribly wrong, they can prove catastrophic. In this hour-long special, we hear first-hand interviews that detail days out that ended in disaster. An avid base jumper’s day trip hits the rocks when his parachute fails to deploy, leaving him in agony while a pair of duelling camels write-off a car during a visit to a safari park. We also hear from a day tripper who was enjoying a swim with hammerhead sharks, until he witnessed his fellow diver being savaged by the apex predator and a man left fighting for his life after a deadly jellyfish sting.