Wild but True With Robert Irwin

Genre: Live Action, 6+ Years

Duration: 13 x 30’

Year of Production: 2014

Production Company: Beyond Screen Production for Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific with the assistance of Screen Queensland

Commissioned By: Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific

Definition: HD

Come on a mind-blowing journey filled with unreal science and wild adventures! Wild but True is a fun and exciting biomimicry series that explores how nature and wildlife have influenced our modern day lives. Find out how billions of years of nature’s solutions are dramatically changing human lives. Our hosts, ten-year-old naturalist Robert Irwin and science geek Isabel Yamazaki, combine their passion for nature with fascinating science facts. The kids discover what ants can teach us about traffic control; what submarine designers have learnt from birds; how the humble butterfly can help us make better iPads; and how ‘swarm-intelligence’ is guiding a new generation of cooperative robots. Together Robert and Isabel set off on an adventure-filled journey across the globe, showing how nature’s blueprints make our world greener, safer and all round more fun!

Nominated (2015): Best Children's Programme, Asian TV Awards