Wild Vets


3 Series 33x30

Year of Production

2014 - 2016

Production Company






Wild Vets won’t tell you the truth about cats and dogs.

However, we will tell you about a group of specialised vets whose work ranges from the transfer of 30 Kiwi from Little Barrier Island to the hand rearing of an abandoned lion cub. Releasing a rare Albatross nursed slowly back to health, to tracking down the world’s rarest sealions in an Otago forest.

For these professionals there's no such thing as a typical day. In zoos and parks all over New Zealand these vets could be needed to ultrasound a pregnant rhino, repair a Takahe’s damaged eye, take a chimp for a brain scan or operate on a penguin attacked by a shark.

Wild vets travel all over New Zealand, from releasing endangered sea turtles near the Poor Knights Islands to finding sick kiwi on an island in Lake Manapouri, Fjiordland. These vets are here, saving and caring for all of our native wildlife.

It's these highly-qualified specialists that ensure the survival of threatened and endangered species all over New Zealand.

Series 1: 13x30 | HD | 2014

Series 2: 10x30 | HD | 2015

Series 3: 10x30 | HD | 2016