The Will: Family Secrets Revealed

Genre: Crime & Investigation

Duration: 35 x 60’

Year of Production: 2010 – 2012

Production Company: CMJ Productions II Inc

Commissioned By: ID. Investigation Discovery USA and Canada, Canal D Canada

Definition: HD

When grief and greed collide, family secrets come out of the woodwork. The Will: Family Secrets Revealed follows the emotional and intimate journey as the final wishes of the deceased are revealed to those left behind. Whether it is through the explicit final wishes listed in one’s will, or the debatable desires of someone who dies without a will, the drama that unfolds is captivating. Steeped in circumstances, legal complexities and raw family emotion, a will has the ability to tear families apart or bring them together. Or worse, what if a person leaves no will at all? Fame and fortune go hand in hand and series three is dedicated to celebrity episodes, delving into the personal details of renowned people such as Ted Williams, Etta James, Stieg Larsson, Tammy Wynette, John Kennedy Toole, James Brown and Jimi Hendrix. 

Three specials titled The Will: Outrageous Final Wishes are also available. These unusual and shocking last requests of the deceased range from a woman asking for her heart to be transplanted into a dog to save his life, to a mother asking for the cremated remains of the different generations of women in her family to be compressed into a sparkling diamond ring.

Series 1: 10 x 60’ 2010
Series 2: 10 x 60’ 2012
Series 3: 12 x 60’ 2012
Specials: 3 x 60’ 2012

Nominated (2011): Best Non-Fiction Programming with Recreations, Realscreen Factual Entertainment Awards