World's Most Extreme

Genre: Travel & Adventure

Duration: 12 x 60

Year of Production: 2014 - 2018

Production Company: Arrow Media

Broadcaster: Channel 4 / Travel Channel

Definition: HD

From amazing airports carved into unstable ice shelves, highways built along 1,000 ft sheer cliffs, to spectacular bridges that send you through the clouds and railways running a schedule of homemade trains. These are the most jaw-dropping and extreme places anywhere in the world.

Where there’s adrenaline, danger and excitement, this six-part series will be. Using edge-of-your-seat UGC, first-person eyewitness stories, rare archive, and cutting-edge CGI, Arrow Media throws the viewer straight into the world’s most extreme locations.

Weaving together visceral storytelling and huge engineering, we count down the top 10 THE WORLD’S MOST EXTREME airports, railways, roads, tunnels, bridges and waterways.

Series 1: 6x60 | HD | 2014

Series 2: 6x60 | HD | 2018