World's Most Incredible Hotels

Genre: Travel & Adventure

Duration: 13x60

Year of Production: 2018

Production Company: Blackball Media / Woodcut Media

Definition: HD

The ultimate guide to the planet’s hottest hotels

This sumptuous series travels to every corner of the globe, taking in 26 destinations across 18 countries, to reveal some of the most extraordinary, iconic, and luxurious hotels ever built. Unique access takes us behind the scenes to explore what it takes to create these out-of-this-world experiences and we follow the people charged with meeting the needs of hotel guests.

From the cool creativity of an ice hotel in Finland and a cowboy ranch in Arizona to the beachside splendour of the Caribbean and a safari hotel in Kenya, we’ll see just what paying ‘top dollar’ buys. And in India, in a first for a film crew, we’ll visit the Oberoi’s learning and development college. Here, all their staff must spend two years studying before they can even move into the hotels to deliver their discreet, world-class service.

Series 1: 13x60 | HD | 2018