Zoo Revolution

Genre: Animals, Pets & Vets

Duration: 1 x 60’

Year of Production: 2013

Production Company: Dream Street Pictures

Commissioned By: CBC Canada

Definition: HD

Zoo Revolution takes the viewer deep inside the increasingly controversial debate about the value of zoos in the 21st century. Love them or hate them, zoos are big business, attracting 700 million visitors a year worldwide. Are zoos an outmoded way of displaying animals for entertainment? Or are zoos more important than ever before, at the frontline of species survival and public education? Zoo Revolution presents experts and animal lovers on both sides of the argument in Canada, the UK, USA, Germany and Australia. Many animal welfare advocates argue that zoos are a colossal waste of resources that would be better spent in the wild where habitat loss, poaching and climate change are taking a terrible toll on the earth’s species. Zoo supporters maintain that zoos are critically important in helping humans re-establish our connection with animals and raise public awareness. So are zoos part of the solution or the problem?